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Taking 3D X-ray Inspection to a New Dimension – 4D Computed Tomography

North Star Imaging, Inc. (NSI) (Rogers, MN) has developed and now offers the latest groundbreaking Industrial X-ray technology – 4-Dimensional X-ray Computed Tomography (4D CT).  NSI’s patent pending product is something never seen before and is considered the future of industrial 3D X-ray inspection.

4D X-ray Computed Tomography allows users to reconstruct a complete 3D CT model that includes time and motion, creating a truly dynamic volumetric dataset.  Because this is an X-ray Computed Tomography process, both the internal and external structures of an object are obtained.  This new and exciting technology makes it possible to study form, structure and now – function.

4D Computed Tomography inspection is revolutionary for in situ testing applications such as compression, traction and similar processes.  This technology also opens the door for evaluating the effects that temperature or chemicals have on an object over a period of time.  Additionally, studies in hydrodynamics, process and quality, reverse engineering, failure analysis and mechanical motion can benefit from 4D CT.  For example, users can visually slice through a 3D CT scan of a gear assembly and evaluate how the internal gears interact with each other during movement.

North Star Imaging, Inc. is currently offering this cutting-edge NDT technology in both their new X-ray Computed Tomography Systems (XView CT) or as an upgrade to almost any existing X-ray system, regardless of the manufacturer. 

4D Computed Tomography is often application dependent; contact NSI to discuss if 4D CT can fit into your inspection process.

4D CT scan of a Gear Assembly.

4D CT scan of a Screw.

4D Videos

4D Weld

4D Thermal Switch

4D Tensile

4D Fluid Travel in Filter

4D Aluminum Foam Under Compression

2D Acquisition for 4D Weld

4D Anchor Screw

4D Gear Assembly